Thursday, 29 August 2013

Syria action

Syria Action. To really be the good guy, Shame the regime by putting the $millions that will be spent bombing, by giving Direct Humanitarian AID to the Syrians that have been deplaced by the war by the action of Both sides. This would not be quite the MAcho action that the Hawks want. But it would actually improve conditions and quality of live for the refgees!!! Go Do it , Obama, Hollande and Cameron.. NOW no UN resolution needed.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Big Business is only about Money..

Big Business is only about Money and the politicians are only about Re-election.

And when the products are damaging to the future of humanity, what can be done?

The President in his second term at least does not have to be quite so concerned about votes, but what will he do (what can he do) when chemicals are damaging the food chain, and the drugs from the pharmaceutical companies are destroying our immune system?

Does he actually have the power to change things? No, the laws are actually made by those who want votes above all else..... so we have no chance.

And the Corporate leaders are putting short term profit before the welfare of society...

Its getting very risky..

Put some pressure on if you know how.