Thursday, 10 December 2009

Obama's Noble Peace Prize Acceptance Speech

Obama's Peace Prize Acceptance Speech.

Whatever opinion you have on Obama, or his, or US politics, there is much to learn from reading his acceptance speech.

He sums up why we are human and the responsiblities we face toward our fellow human beings.
If you are a "freedom fighter" or "president", a "prince" or "pauper", "banker" or "gardener", "soldier" or "priest", take the time to read or listen to what he has said.

Reflect on it for yourself!

We share this planet.....

Sunday, 25 October 2009

National Front

Yes they can express a point of view, but will you vote for them at the next general election?
They cirtainly hit a hot spot with their focus on immigration.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Noble Peace Prize

Interesting that a man's attitude toward resolving the complex issues of bringing peace to the world would win him the prize.
Perhaps the Nobel committee want to encorage the trouble makers of the world to change their attitude toward peace making too.
The Middle East, North Korea, Afganistan etc. are the hot spots where local leaders are not leading toward peace, but playing for POWER.
Sad but true.
Do they really want to stop the killing?
Show us that you do!!!
I believe that Obama does. Try joining him and see what can be done.......

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Killing and Politics!!!

So it happens again.

Killing in Northern Ireland for the ego of weak men who are unable to think and create a better future, but can only kill and destroy in some "frenzy of contempt" for their fellow human beings.

These sad and sick people on any side of the disagreement miss the point! Politics is about leading society to a better future and killing the population you pretend to lead, is a very bizarre way of "making progress". The Middle East, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and even Kenya are just a few places where it goes on and on. With the certain guarantee of creating grief and total distress for the Families that are affected.

The nonsense and stupidity of war as a means to settle politician's "disagreements" was so apparent in the trenches of the First World War. When the cease fire took place on Christmas day, the soldiers came out of their trenches and played "football together. Ordinary men with ordinary wants and needs. Yet the next day on orders of the Generals the killing carried on. The people did not want to kill each other, did they?

And now it carries on again.

In Ireland it took the women to say "stop this stupidity" before real progress toward peace was made. Perhaps women can do it again !!!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Obama at Large

Town meetings by the President of the United States, while the Senate and House of Representatives bicker over who gets what for whom?

I have enjoyed watching the President make clear what he and his team are trying to make happen for the American People and the Economy. His willingness to answer questions and not dodge points made to him have excited me.

No! of course he does not have all the answers, and some of his proposals won't have quite the impact he is looking for. But he is willing to stand up and be counted and not hide behind the "Power Brokers" who are just too used to getting their way when bills are drafted.

I only hope that when the House and Senate members are trying to reconcile their differences, they will take time to go back to the main principals that the President has put down for these matters. After all, he has been elected to Lead!! and they should do a little humble Following for a change. Support the People!! I say.

GO - Obama - GO

Monday, 26 January 2009

Dependence on Oil America

Did not see the full report on Obama's initiatives today on this subject. Fuel efficient cars and alternative energy sources must be the focus.
My apartment building changed from oil heating to a ground based "heat pump" solution just over a year ago before the oil price surge. Our costs dropped dramatically. We still depend on electricity however. As the apartment is in Switzerland most of our electricity is Hydro.
What is happening where you are?

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

A Call for Action with Obama

Are the American people ready to respond to President Obama?
The first indications are that they all ready doing so...

Will the politicians play ball or will the the Lobby boys and girls gum up the system as they have done so much in the past?
Sadly there were some uncomfortable looks being passed between the old conservatives in the crowd yesterday... Perhaps the people will overcome!

Will the some of the "Clenched fists" yield to the offer of an open hand?
Sadly they probably will not... Let us hope for a surprise!

Let us hope for decisive action in the months ahead, and Good Luck to President Obama, his Family, the American People and the Rest of Us.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Inauguration - Oh What Can Obama Say!!!

What can Obama say in his inauguration speech to the Wifes, Husbands, Children who have lost Loved ones in Afganistan and Iraq.... Can he tell them Why?

What can he say to the sick and infirm who cannot afford the medical help they need... Is this the American way?

What can he say to the jobless or those who live in fear of becoming so in the "Great American Dream".....

What can he say to the Arms dealers who are doing so well.....

Can he Love his fellow man enough, and comfort to those who grieve in these most "interesting" of times...

Good luck and I wish you much Wisdom.....

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Obama Politics and Love - Views and Opinions

These Opinions on Obama Politics and Love are mine alone.

The heady attraction of power and more importantly the responsibilities that it brings offer Obama a great opportunity to do real good for the American people and the the larger world population.

Can he finally bang heads together in the Middle East so that the senseless killing stops and the politicians recognize their responsibilities to protect their citizens and not use them as tools through which to exercise power?

Will he be able to help the poor at home? Particularly the ill and weak...

And can he survive the cowards who would do him harm because of his position and background?

What do you think.....