Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Obama at Large

Town meetings by the President of the United States, while the Senate and House of Representatives bicker over who gets what for whom?

I have enjoyed watching the President make clear what he and his team are trying to make happen for the American People and the Economy. His willingness to answer questions and not dodge points made to him have excited me.

No! of course he does not have all the answers, and some of his proposals won't have quite the impact he is looking for. But he is willing to stand up and be counted and not hide behind the "Power Brokers" who are just too used to getting their way when bills are drafted.

I only hope that when the House and Senate members are trying to reconcile their differences, they will take time to go back to the main principals that the President has put down for these matters. After all, he has been elected to Lead!! and they should do a little humble Following for a change. Support the People!! I say.

GO - Obama - GO