Sunday, 8 March 2009

Killing and Politics!!!

So it happens again.

Killing in Northern Ireland for the ego of weak men who are unable to think and create a better future, but can only kill and destroy in some "frenzy of contempt" for their fellow human beings.

These sad and sick people on any side of the disagreement miss the point! Politics is about leading society to a better future and killing the population you pretend to lead, is a very bizarre way of "making progress". The Middle East, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and even Kenya are just a few places where it goes on and on. With the certain guarantee of creating grief and total distress for the Families that are affected.

The nonsense and stupidity of war as a means to settle politician's "disagreements" was so apparent in the trenches of the First World War. When the cease fire took place on Christmas day, the soldiers came out of their trenches and played "football together. Ordinary men with ordinary wants and needs. Yet the next day on orders of the Generals the killing carried on. The people did not want to kill each other, did they?

And now it carries on again.

In Ireland it took the women to say "stop this stupidity" before real progress toward peace was made. Perhaps women can do it again !!!