Saturday, 10 April 2010

UK election promises

Uk election promises.

Cut government waste... Every election the underdog party claims it can cut massive amounts of government waste. Very commendable but!

The government is blessed with hundreds of thousands of civil servants who cannot be sacked, and who have no real incentive to improve efficiency. A Minister setting policy has no chance of making much of a difference, so it is just a gimmick to claim it can be done.

Come on, don't take us for fools..

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Politicians I believe - Michael Foot

No politicians can be trusted we are told. They are in it for themselves and the "people" don't really care.

No so I say. Yes, some are in it for the glory! but many others are truly caring people.

Michael Foot was one of the truly honest men of politics, or so he seemed to me. And he will be sadly missed.

Who in the current crop in the UK has the same depth of commitment to the welfare of the people? Cameron? Brown? Cleg? or others in their parties.

Brown has my vote!

Who is it for you........